City of Abilene's radio communications and dispatch system being relocated

As City of Abilene employees prepare to move into the new Law Enforcement Center, there are a handful of purchases that need to be made before the move is completed.

The City of Abilene’s radio communications and dispatch system needs to be moved, which requires a new 150-foot antenna tower to be located at the new Law Enforcement Center.

The City of Abilene received a quote from Western Towers for $111,101, which includes all of the permits, materials and labor required to install the tower.

Along with the new antenna tower for the Police and Water Administration Facility, new microwave communications equipment needs to be purchased and installed on the tower to make the signal connection to the site of the Kirby Lake Tower.

For that project, the City of Abilene has received two quotes, with Quote 1 being for $183,351.36 and Quote 2 being for $166,213.76.

The Abilene City Council will decide whether or not to approve any of these resolutions at this coming Thursday’s city council meeting.

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