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Coyote Season is a reminder to keep an eye on your pets

(SBG San Antonio)
(SBG San Antonio)
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SAN ANTONIO - A man is warning others after he was forced to watch his cat get eaten by a pack of coyotes in his front yard.

Experts say this is just the beginning, as San Antonio enters coyote season.

Ray Sadh says he woke up in the middle of the night to the sounds of yipping. He looked out his window to find coyotes eating his pet cat, 'Baguette.'

"I was heartbroken looking at the cat that I had held the day before, that I had fed that same morning, I was thinking about my kids that go out and play,” says Sadh.

Sadh hopes that sharing his story will help prevent someone else from having to go through the same heartbreak.

Jeremiah Crampton, the owner of AAAC Wildlife Removal, says the next couple of months is breeding season for coyotes and other dangerous wildlife, which means we will likely see a lot more of them.

But keeping your pet from becoming a meal is not the only threat.

"Coyotes are actually under a Rabies Quarantine in the state of Texas. That is the danger of it, bringing it in, they're crossing your property, your pets, their saliva, that transmission,” says Crampton.

Here are some tips to protect yourself and your pets from coyotes and other wildlife:

  1. Vaccinate your pets against rabies.
  2. Don't let your pets or small children outside alone.
  3. Don't feed pets or wildlife outdoors.
  4. If you do find yourself face to face with a coyote - don't try to outrun them - yell and wave your arms to scare them off.
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