Documents: Zephyr ISD received nearly $209,000 in settlement over faulty turf

ZEPHYR, Texas -- A Brown County school district has released details of a settlement it reached with several companies after agreeing to drop a million-dollar lawsuit.

The Zephyr Independent School District received a total of $208,750 from four companies that it claimed installed faulty turf at its football stadium, according to a court document obtained by KTXS through an open records request.

Records show Zephyr and the defendants agreed to the settlement's terms last November. Fort Worth-based GC Carter Construction Company paid Zephyr the most in damages at $98,750.

"Everybody is just glad to be back on the field, playing football on the field we built in 2009," Zephyr ISD Superintendent Stanton Marwitz said Monday.

The school originally filed the suit in 2015 and sought a million dollars in damages. KTXS asked Marwitz why the school chose to settle for much less money.

"That was a decision that was made between me, the board, and all the attorneys," Marwitz said.

Marwitz told KTXS he hopes to put the lawsuit behind the school district and focus wholeheartedly on educating kids.

"Schools are built for kids and that's what we're trying to focus on as much as anything is the kids and the community," Marwitz said.

The settlement money will go towards paying for the newly installed synthetic turf that was approved by Zephyr's Board of Trustees in June of 2017.

That synthetic turf cost Zephyr $368,000, but using the money from the lawsuit, Zephyr will only be on the hook for $159,250.

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