East Highway 80 construction project in Abilene will continue for months

If you travel along East Highway 80 or South 1st Street often, you may have noticed a few bumps in the road.

Construction crews have been working on the two roads for quite a while; however, the road conditions do not seem to be improving.

Grooved pavement and uneven lane signs line the road on East Highway 80. This construction is now starting to cause issues for many local drivers who use this road on a daily basis.

According to TxDOT, a 5.8 million dollar construction project is underway, and these roads will stay under construction for months.

"This is a part of larger project. It's a 162-day contract of which we are on day 39," stated Cheryl Sawyers, the Public Information Officer for TxDOT Abilene district.

Sawyers told KTXS that TxDOT has not seen many improvements on the road yet due to weather, the holidays, and their commitment to excellence.

"We've milled up the pavement right there. There was an under seal that was coated and put down that first week of November, and some of those things need a little time to cure," stated Sawyers.

For some time, cars have dealt with a large bump in the road when driving over the Martin Luther King Jr. Bridge on East Highway 80. TxDOT crews went out to fix the areas of concern near the bridge on Monday, after several complaints were made to the city.

"At those rough spots that have been kind of out there right now, we had crews out yesterday kind of going over a few of those spots to make sure that it lasts," said Sawyers.

Sawyers mentioned that crews will be back out paving again as soon as next week. While this project still has months to go, Sawyers maintains that to remain safe in a work zone, drivers need to aware of road conditions.

"The roads are not exactly smooth whenever they are milled up like that, maybe there aren’t clear markings on which lanes are which, just slow down and pay attention to the road signs that are temporarily put up there," stated Sawyers.

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