Fun facts behind The Masters


ABILENE, TX - The 2017 edition of golf's most prestigious major, the Masters begins on Thursday and behind it, a lot of big time costs and figures to put on this PGA signature event.

If you're looking at cost of attendance, the average ticket-resale value for Sunday's final round, is over $1,300, with others paying around $1,200 for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday rounds.

When you multiply that with around 250,000 spectators and fans descending on Augusta, GA for the event his weekend -- hello revenue!

But The Masters is relatively cheap when it comes to at-event costs. A domestic adult beverage? Only $4. How about a sandwich? Between $2.50 and $3.00. That's nearly half from what it would cost at a Texas Rangers or Dallas Cowboys game.

Television coverage has gone up exponentially since one of the earliest broadcasts in 1956. Nearly 14.4 million viewers tune in to ESPN (Thurs. and Fri.) and CBS (Sat. and Sun.) to take in what is now up to 18 hours over coverage. Compared to just 2.5 hours in 1956.

That coveted green jacket? Looks fancy right? Well it's just $250 per jacket to make, but production takes around one month to complete.

And if you're thinking, I'd like to play around at Augusta just like the pros, well you'll need to become a member. To join that exclusive list of 300, you will have to cough up $4,000 a year. That's nearly double the average Abilene mortgage payment.

Safe to say, this event continues to impress, year after year.

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