Odds of catching fish at Lake Champion may improve

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COLORADO CITY, Texas -- If you like fishing at Lake Champion (Champion Creek Reservoir), your odds of catching something may soon be a little better.

Texas Parks and Wildlife recently installed habitats to help the fish population grow.

"As reservoirs age, a lot of the natural structures that might've been present, degraded over time and we kinda lose that," said Lynn Wright, the San Angelo District Fisheries Supervisor and lead biologist behind the project.

To compensate for the lack of structures, or natural habitats in the lake, Texas Parks and Wildlife dropped 66, 5' x 5' PVC pipe cubes, into the water.

"We sunk them in three locations about 22 structures in each spot," said Wright.

Each structure will eventually grow algae and plants that will provide a home for fish.

"They're looking for places to hide, looking for places to feed on other fish and on a lake like this that's going to have a lot of value," said Wright.

The structures will be for both big and small fish, both of which will benefit from the added habitat.

"It’s kind of a win-win for everyone. When the small fish find a place to hide and the bigger fish come in to feed and the anglers can take advantage of that by fishing those structures," said Wright.

The more fish that live in these habitats, the better "hotspots" they will become for anglers.

"It gives places for an angler to target and try and improve their catch rate, so that's what we want to do. We want anglers to catch more fish and make it easier for them to catch fish," said Wright.

The project was funded by people who buy Texas Conservation Bass License Plates. The funds go to projects just like this one. Wright says they were able to double their funding, thanks to donations by partners at Fisher Park.

Next month, the West Texas Kayak Fishing Tournament will take place at Champion Creek, and Lynn Wright homes there will be plenty more fish, thanks to their project.

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