Hailey Dunn's father wants her murder to be solved

On December 28, 2010, 13-year-old Hailey Dunn went missing from Colorado City.

Hailey left her home to go to a friend's house, but she never made it to her friend's house, and her mother, Billie Dunn, subsequently reported her missing.

In 2013, Hailey's remains were found near Lake J. B. Thomas in Scurry County.

"Hailey needs justice," said Hailey's father, Clint Dunn.

Clint spoke with KTXS at Comanche Park in Big Spring.

Accompanying Clint at Comanche Park was Hailey's half-sister, Chloe, who bears a strong resemblance to Hailey.

Eight years after Hailey's disappearance, Clint still does not know the circumstances surrounding his daughter's death.

"What could have happened?," said Clint.

Hailey lived with her mom, Billie Dunn, and her mom's then-boyfriend, Shawn Adkins.

According to court documents, both Billie and Shawn failed polygraph tests after being questioned about Hailey's death.

Both Billie and Shawn have denied that they were involved in Hailey's disappearance and death.

"Right now, I need pressure on this DA that's on this case," Clint said.

The Scurry County District Attorney's Office said that Shawn Adkins remains the sole person of interest in the Hailey Dunn case and that the Hailey Dunn case is still being actively investigated.

If anybody has any information about the Hailey Dunn case, they are asked to call the Scurry County District Attorney's Office at 325-573-2462.

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