Houses for Healing unveils first tiny home

A tiny home with a big purpose opened its doors on Hickory Street and nearly 19 more are expected to be built in Abilene. The purpose of Houses for Healing is to help people who are ill and their families.

"These houses are helping sick folks, but it’s also helping the church come together in unity,” said President of Houses for Healing Brian Massey.

A total of four tiny homes will sit on Hickory Street. The homes are for those who can't afford to drive back and forth to their doctors’ appointments in Abilene from outlying counties. Massey said they're also for family members who want to stay close by while their loved ones are in the hospital.

"We want to have a house for every county in the Big Country, plus the one for veterans. So, 19 counties and one for veterans is 20," Massey said.

Massey said those who stay here will not be charged any fee.

"While they're here, we ask that the churches from the the respective community, helps the patient/family with utility costs, cutting the lawn, helping with pets or whatever their needs are," Massey said.

Massey said these tiny homes wouldn’t be made without volunteers stepping in to help. Houses for Healing is currently looking for more land for the other houses they want to build along with a chapel.

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