Lake Stamford residents undergo voluntary evacuations after heavy Tuesday morning rainfall


    After Tuesday morning’s rainfall, the water levels at Lake Stamford are going up quickly and will continue to rise.

    Lake Stamford has been completely full for over a week now and the residents around the lake are starting to see water from the lake draw closer to their homes.

    This particular turn of events has called for voluntary evacuations for some people, who want to get away from the flooding before it ends up reaching their homes.

    Anchor Marina, which is an RV park at Lake Stamford, is a home or a weekend getaway for many people and many residents consider it to be a place to relax, with some people even referring to it as a “stress-free zone”.

    Anchor Marina is owned by Debi McGrew, who has been through numerous floods, but she is feeling particularly anxious about this latest round of flooding.

    “I have lost everything in floods past. This time, I'm not gonna lose it, I'm getting it out," said McGrew.

    McGrew told KTXS News on Tuesday morning that based on her past experiences with flooding, she does not think that the water levels at Lake Stamford will go down for at least several weeks.

    McGrew was not only thinking about herself while she was evacuating, but continued to check on her customers, who she said are family to her.

    Lake Stamford is usually a beautiful sight and many people choose to retire there, including James Mullins.

    “This is just a part of what you must live with if you move near water," Mullins said.

    However, the approaching flood waters have Mullins and other people living near Lake Stamford fearing that the flooding will only get worse as time goes on.

    Mullins stated that he hopes that the people living at Lake Stamford are going to make it out unscathed and that people can only hope and pray for the best possible outcome for all of the parties involved.

    However, as water from ditches, rivers and creeks rush toward Lake Stamford, the water levels at the lake are expected to rise even more over the next couple of days.

    People are working around the clock at Anchor Marina, hoping for a brighter future and patiently waiting for the flood waters to retreat.

    However, there is a possibility that more rain could be headed toward the Big Country this upcoming weekend, which is another cause for concern for Lake Stamford residents.

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