Law enforcement colleagues remember fallen Border Patrol Agent Donna Doss


    Law enforcement personnel in the Big Country lost one of their own on Saturday night when United States Border Patrol Agent Donna Doss, 49, was hit and killed by a vehicle a mile and a half west of Tye.

    Friends who worked with Doss remember her as someone who was always smiling.

    Tye Police Chief Jay Strong remembers the first time that he met Doss, which was when she walked into the Tye Police Department's headquarters for the first time.

    "If you knew Donna, Donna had one thing, and it was always that little grin and that smile," Strong said.

    Strong said that Doss always stopped by the police station and asked if anyone needed any help with anything.

    "She wanted to be here. She wanted to be in the Big Country. You know, and that's what a lot of people miss. It wasn't a forced assignment, a forced station, she was here because she wanted to be and she was amazing at what she did," said Strong.

    Texas Game Warden James Cummings worked with Doss and remembers her as being somebody who was always lending a helping hand.

    "I called her and I said, ‘I don’t know that status of this, can you?,’ and she always came. Knowing she would always be there was probably the highest praise you could give Donna and she never left you hanging," Cummings said.

    Both Strong and Cummings helped escort Doss' body to the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office in Fort Worth.

    "She was our friend. She'd do it for us," said Cummings.

    "She'd do it for me. She wouldn't let me go alone. So, we weren't going to let her go alone," Strong said.

    A memorial service for Doss will be held on Friday at the Taylor County Expo Center at 2 p.m.

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