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Local Nonprofit helps veterans repair their homes

Local Nonprofit helps veterans repair their homes{ }(Gordan Gloria)
Local Nonprofit helps veterans repair their homes (Gordan Gloria)
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With Memorial Day still fresh in the minds of everyone, it’s important to remember those that served that still need help; that is why the West Texas Veterans Support Service helps repair the homes of low-income veterans. We talked to the founder of the organization, Gordan Gloria who is a veteran himself, about why he decided to serve those who served us,

“It’s free for veterans and I’m a veteran, my dad is a Vietnam veteran and we just felt like they sacrificed their time to serve this country and some of them are living in conditions that they shouldn’t be so I just wanted to help them out.”

The non-profit started in 2019 after Gloria decided to start his own organization and he said that they have raised around $70,000 for home repairs ranging from new roofs to ramps for wheelchairs. Coming from a family of veterans, Gloria explained his respect for those he helps and went on to explain what it means to be able to help those who served our country,

“It’s great to be able to serve our veterans. I get to talk to them and hear about their stories when they were in the service. So, that’s really rewarding getting to meet them, meet their spouse and kids sometimes. It just means a lot to be able to do that and when we’re done it like winning the lottery. They’re just so grateful and so happy that we’re able to remodel their bathroom for them or put in grab hooks or give them a new roof that doesn’t leak anymore. So, they’re very grateful”

The organization is funded by grants, donations and fundraisers to helps low-income veterans throughout the Big Country and Concho valley. Gloria told us that any and all help from the community is welcome. They are holding a fundraiser later this month and that information can be found on their website.

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