Bitter Creek Water Supply customers have been without water for more than a week

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    Water issues have not been resolved for Bitter Creek Water Supply customers.

    An emergency meeting was held Sunday afternoon since it hasn't been addressed in more than week.

    Residents voiced their concerns at the meeting.

    "Our biggest concern is we have a lot of elderly people that live near us who don't have resources to get hotel rooms, to take their laundry to the laundromat," said Bitter Creek Water Supply customer Carolyn Vinson. "A lot of them can't even lift laundry baskets to take them down."

    The water supply company says the pipes air locked, which caused them to turn off water on County Road 109 and County Road 220 and 221.

    Leaks were also found while trying to fix the problem.

    50 meters are affected according to Bitter Creek Water Supply.

    A boil water notice has also been issued.

    The water supply company told residents they do not know when the issue will be fixed.

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