Merkel City Councilman accused of offering to pay waitress for sex

What started out as "innocent flirting" has gone too far, according to a Merkel waitress.

“It went from flirting to following me at my house,” said Rayanne Martinez, a waitress at Velma’s Burritos in Merkel.

Martinez claims Mike McLeod, a former Mayor of Merkel and a current member of the Merkel City Council, has been watching her house for the past month and even offered to "pay her" to spend time with him.

“ [McLeod] started calling my boss and asking my boss if I would go out with him, and you know, if she can cover a day for me and he would pay me for that day and pay me extra if I did anything else with him, as meaning sex,” said Martinez. “He called my boss and told her this.”

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Martinez’s boss informed McLeod that Martinez was legally married, had several children and was “not interested.”

“Whenever [McLeod] would come, he would just ask me, ‘Hey, you got a babysitter?' ‘Can you get a babysitter and come hang out?’ 'I have a red Corvette, you wanna come drive around with me?' 'We won't have to do anything, but if you want to, we can,'" Martinez recalled from a conversation that she had with McLeod.

McLeod began allegedly following Martinez to her home and recalled someone leaving her house.

"He was like, 'I've seen this man come out of your house like about three times the other day,' and I was like, ‘How often are you watching my house?' and he said, ‘Oh, I don't watch your house, I've just drove by and seen him,'" said Martinez. “My stepdad didn't go outside a lot, so he must have drove by quite a few times to see he came outside three times."

Martinez’s husband posted to a community Facebook page to make others aware that someone was allegedly watching Martinez’s house just in case something happened.

On the same night that the post was put up on the community Facebook page, someone who saw the post called law enforcement.

“I did not call the police,” said Martinez. “They said that they had a call that someone was concerned and that I was being stalked. They said they knew who he was by his name and they kind of figured who he was.”

Martinez told authorities that she did not want to press charges yet and that she just wanted a restraining order.

The next morning, McLeod allegedly saw the Facebook post and began screaming outside of Velma’s Burritos.

Martinez’s boss told Martinez that “McLeod was yelling and screaming and saying he will never do business for me and never be here again.”

That same night, authorities went to Martinez’s house again and McLeod allegedly found out about it.

“We did not see no vehicles drive by or anyone outside when we were talking and somehow, [McLeod] was aware that police were at my house," Martinez said.

Martinez told KTXS that Sergeant Phillip Conklin of the Merkel Police Department was at a Merkel City Council meeting with McLeod to ensure that he would not be around Martinez’s home when other police officers went to go speak with her.

“So obviously, someone else is watching my house,” said Martinez.

At that point, Martinez decided to press charges against McLeod and gave a statement to the Merkel Police Department.

Martinez fears she is not the only one. If there are other victims, she is encouraging them to come forward.

“It’s not OK for a man to do that to a woman, to make her feel uncomfortable," said Martinez.

KTXS reached out to McLeod, but he declined to speak on-camera.

“So far, I have not talked to anybody about this, all I know is what I've read on social media and what I saw on TV, that’s all I know,” McLeod said. “Until I am at least questioned by law enforcement officers, I don't have any statement, because I don't know what I am being accused of.”

“Give us just a little time, I am hoping that we can get to the bottom, get to the truth of the matter," said McLeod. “The truth will come out."

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