Merkel mayor says discussion of hiring a new police chief will have to wait until August

Following the recent firing of their city's police chief, the Mayor of Merkel said that the Merkel City Council will most likely discuss the hiring of a new police chief next month.

Mayor of Merkel Mary Schrampfer told KTXS News that Sgt. Phillip Conklin will act as the City of Merkel's interim police chief until the members of the Merkel City Council hire a new permanent police chief.

Former Merkel Police Chief Chris Ortiz was fired on Monday night and is being investigated by the Texas Rangers.

The Merkel City Manager and Schrampfer have not publicly stated exactly why Ortiz was removed from the city's police force.

The Merkel City Council will take up the matter of finding a new police chief during their regularly scheduled meeting that will take place on August 13, according to Schrampfer.

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