Options are waning for shipping gifts in time for Christmas


BROWNWOOD, Texas - For those procrastinating to ship their Christmas gifts, the deadline has already approached and the options are now very limited for making sure those gifts arrive before Christmas Day.

As of Wednesday morning people can only use UPS and FedEx two-day shipping, according to the store Box-N-Mail in Brownwood.

"You definitely want to let us know, if it's fragile, so that it doesn't break in transit," Eilaura Ortega of Box-N-Mail said.

People wanting to use the US Postal Service should use either Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express. But the longer people wait to ship their gifts, the pricer it gets.

"It's hard to tell," Ortega said about the shipping prices. "It all factors on where it's going, how much it weighs, and how big the box is."

For those buying items online, Walmart is offering rush-shipping until Thursday and free in-store pick up until Sunday night.

Amazon said Friday is the company's deadline for gifts to arrive on Christmas Day using its two-day shipping.

Both UPS and FedEx, however, have been experiencing shipping delays so the wisest option is to send gifts as soon as possible.

Ortega offered one piece of advice for those trying to avoid the long lines at shipping locations.

"Packages [should] already [be] boxed, it's a lot faster. If you have your address already pulled up and ready, it makes things a lot faster," Ortega said.

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