Plans to implement library at Abilene Heritage Square under evaluation


    Progress is being made on transforming the historic Lincoln Middle School building into Abilene Heritage Square.

    A nonprofit organization is working to keep the historic building alive and their goal is to re-purpose the building into a community space and add both an exhibit hall and a library to it.

    "It's a long project as I've said many times, but it's an incredibly worthwhile project," said Laura Moore.

    Moore, who is part of the Abilene Heritage Square committee, said that the topic of discussion at the most recent meeting was the proposed library.

    "We had two programming focus groups where people could come in and really talk about 'What do you want in a library that meets today's needs' and those were very well received and great ideas came out of it," Moore said.

    The committee of 30 individuals, along with those with an interest in libraries, also discussed the design for the library that they want to construct.

    However, there is additional work that needs to be done before the library can be placed inside of the building.

    "It's a long project. Right now, looking at securing our 501(c)(3), so, you know, that's the first step, but we have a super great board of about 30 people who are representative of our community and we're just really working through all the details," Moore said.

    The nonprofit organization’s goal is to have Abilene Heritage Square open in time for the building's 100th anniversary in 2023.

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