Reinstated stream gauge at Brownwood park will help out with predicting floods

A new flood gauge installed at a park in Brownwood will help the National Weather Service better predict flood stages.

Back in November, the United States Geological Survey reinstated a stream gauge at Riverside Park in Brownwood, according to a press release.

"This is going to be very helpful for any flooding that happens along the Pecan Bayou. For many, many years, we didn't have any gauging system," said Katie Dedeaux, a Service Hydrologist at the National Weather Service.

The flood gauge tool collects data on the water flowing downstream from Lake Brownwood to the Pecan Bayou.

Dedeaux said that the flood gauge will allow the National Weather Service to issue flood warnings in the Brownwood area much sooner.

The newly-installed flood gauge has also led the National Weather Service to update the flood stage levels for the Pecan Bayou.

Listed below are the new flood stage levels for the Pecan Bayou:

Action Stage12 feet

Flood Stage/Minor Flood20 feet

Moderate Flood Stage23 feet

Major Flood Stage27 feet

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