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Rising costs are effecting local businesses

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As prices for everyday items continue to stay high, several local businesses who use those same items for their goods are having to find ways to survive.

Chicke is an Abilene based company that makes, sells, and distributes coffee based protein powder, but with supply chain issues and inflation affecting cost of ingredients, they are certainly feeling the pressure.

Brand Manager for Chike, Mac Mascorro revealed to us that, “When you’re working with commodity ingredients, obviously you see a lot of price fluctuation and we’ve definitely seen that on our end as well. Since we do manufacture our own products, we’re able to kind of ride the waves of rising and dipping costs of commodities”

However, one big way that Chicke has been able to work through these tough times, is to keep most of the process local to help make up for the spike in prices, “Thankfully since we’re manufactured here in Abilene, and we do all the production, distribution, ourselves, so we were able to absorb a lot of that up and down costs rather than passing it on to the customers.” Mascorro expressed.

They also revealed that the price some of the ingredients went up over 50% over the last few years and even struggled to receive ingredients in general, but with some help, hard work, and understanding from their customers they were able to get all of their products delivered to customers.

Mascorro explained the process when some issues delayed or prevented orders, “So we’ve sometimes had to wait a little while to fill entire orders but for the most we’ve been able to them done with proper communication, forecasting, planning, preparation and a lot of good tidings as well helped us do that.”

Despite dealing with supply chains problems and rising costs, they are still expanding and hoping to make Abilene proud, “It’s been really tough. There’s been a lot of long days and long nights, but we’ve been able to get it done”

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