Police say chief misspoke, no second explosive device found at FedEx facility in Schertz

Shertz FedEx facility (SBG Photo)

3:30 p.m.: FBI San Antonio says no injuries have been reported at the scene at McKinney Falls Parkway in Austin. The scene is still being processed.

1:38 p.m.: NPR tweets FBI confirmed second unexploded package sent through FedEx was located at McKinney Falls Parkway facility.

12:43 p.m. UPDATE from FedEx: FedEx confirms package detonated at San Antonio FedEx facility, says individual responsible also shipped second package that has now been secured and turned over to law enforcement."

12:35 p.m. UPDATE from SAPD: Chief McManus misspoke earlier at this morning's press conference. There is no secondary device at the Schertz facility.

12:30 p.m. UPDATE: Authorities in Austin say they are preparing to detonate a suspicious package at a FedEx facility near the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

Investigators said they believe the bomber mailed two packages from the FedEx drop-off center on Brodie Lane. One of the packages eventually made it to the FedEx facility in Schertz, where it detonated. One female employee suffered ringing in her ears when the blast knocked her off her feet. No one else was seriously hurt.

Both packages, the one that exploded and the one discovered near the Austin airport, are believed to have nails in them. They were also bound for addresses in Austin.

12:15 p.m. UPDATE: President Trump blamed a "very sick individual or individuals" for a series of bombings in Austin.

He told reporters that federal authorities are working to get to the bottom of the situation.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus confirmed a second package was found to be loaded with an explosive device at a FedEx facility on Tuesday.

He said the package was removed from the facility and was being 'worked on' by investigators. When pressed for more information, an SAPD spokesperson said off-camera, 'We can't talk about it.'

A first package detonated just after 12 a.m. at the facility on Doerr Lane in Schertz. A female employee standing nearby was knocked off her feet and suffered 'ringing in her ears.' No one else was seriously hurt.

Chief McManus provided the information just minutes after another press conference outside the FedEx facility, in which Asst. Special Agent-in-Charge James Smith would not confirm any details about the explosion. Earlier in the day, sources confirmed the exploded package was to be shipped to an address in Austin and was filled with shrapnel. Smith later said he could not confirm those details.

It appeared McManus was referring to a suspicious package found at another FedEx facility in the the Austin area, near the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Reports stated investigators would detonate that package to determine what was inside.

The San Antonio Police Department is acting as a support agency and is supplying resources to the Austin Police Department as it works with federal agencies to determine who is behind several bombings in the Austin area.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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