School nurse in Abilene describes moment she performed CPR, saved teacher's life

A school nurse at Bowie Elementary School in Abilene was rewarded for saving the life of a teacher at the school by performing CPR on her.

Last Friday began as a normal day for school nurse Angela Valentine as she walked into her office and got ready for the day.

As the day went on, Valentine took care of students who needed medical attention like usual, but her daily routine changed when a teacher ran into her office saying that another teacher urgently needed her help.

After hearing about the situation, Valentine ran to the teacher in need as fast as she could.

"I was able to start CPR as the two other team members were calling for 911 and coming to get the AED," Valentine said.

Thankfully, Valentine arrived just in time to save the teacher's life.

"It could have been a bad outcome, but it was not. It was a blessed outcome that we're happy that she's going to be OK," said Valentine.

Valentine said that even though that this was the first time that she had to perform CPR on someone in her 16 years of being a school nurse at Bowie Elementary School, it is still very important for people to be CPR certified.

"You never know when there's going to be an emergency, and it doesn't have to be a nurse that responds. It can be anybody that responds, just as long as they're trained in CPR. That's my encouraging words to get trained so that you can help if necessary," Valentine said.

When Abilene Police Chief Stan Standridge heard about what Valentine did, he made sure to recognize her heroism and rewarded her with a chief's coin.

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