Shooter detection system coming to Abilene Regional Airport

(Joe Fry/KTXS)

Just a day after the Mayor of Abilene held a news conference about City Councilman Kyle McAlister's Facebook posts, city council held their Thursday meeting. The council had other items on their agenda.

For the next eight weeks, improvements will be made inside of the Abilene Regional Airport.

At the Thursday meeting, council unanimously approved a contract that will allow Walker Engineering to install a shooter detection system in the airport terminal.

"There will be sensors placed around the terminal that will detect a gunshot and a muzzle flash and it will use that information to the reduce the amount of false alarms," said Don Green, Abilene Director of Transportation.

This project will cost a total of $68,000; however, the city is only responsible for 10 percent of that cost. The other 90 percent will be funded by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The council approved a new public-address system at the meeting as well.

"The system that is in the terminal now predates me. I've been there almost 15 years and it was installed in I believe 2002," Green said.

The project will cost $210,000 project, but with the FAA funding 90 percent, the city will only be responsible for $21,000.

Both projects will be funded through Proposition 9 of the 2015 bond election.

These improvements will be installed within the next four to eight weeks.

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