Slain Abilene man's gravesite vandalized

The gravesite of an Abilene man who was shot to death in July of 2017 has been vandalized.

Family and friends of Teahoga Glover gathered around his burial site on Friday afternoon, unable to wrap their minds around the act of vandalism that occurred at his gravesite.

“Somebody has vandalized my brother's grave," said Markee Simmons, Teahoga Glover's brother.

Flowers were displaced, glass was broken and an angel was in pieces at Glover's gravesite and Simmons described what he felt like when he saw the destruction at his brother's final resting place.

“Hurt, hatred," Simmons said. "My brother's life has already been taken. Whoever did this, why did you have to come back out and keep messing with him while he is trying to rest?"

Simmons turned to Facebook for support and posted photos of the aftermath of the vandalism of Glover's burial site and Glover's close friend, Jay Nelson, was shocked when he saw the photos.

“I was hurt, I was angry of course,” said Nelson. “But [the] most important thing to do in a [bad] situation is keep cool and just have a little faith, you know what I mean?”

Glover was shot and killed in July of 2017 and the vandalism of his gravesite reopened old wounds for his loved ones.

“Sometimes, fresh wounds will get reopened,” Nelson said.

Despite the devastating actions that were taken against Glover's burial site, Simmons told KTXS News that they will rise above the act of hatred.

“We're not the type of people to give up and you know, back down from hatred and all the negative energy,” Simmons said.

Glover's loved ones have faith that Glover is now in a better place and are asking other people to respect his gravesite.

Simmons told KTXS News that they are planning on putting Glover's gravesite back together soon.

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