Space heater safety tips to keep in mind with colder weather approaching the area

There is a possibility that some parts of the Big Country could be seeing some wintry weather this weekend and many families could be struggling to stay warm in the cold weather.

A Winter Storm Watch will go in effect on Thursday at 6 p.m. and will last until Saturday at noon.

The Texas Department of Transportation was out preparing the roads on Wednesday, getting ready for the possibility of winter weather over the weekend.

TxDOT spokeswoman Cheryl Sawyers advised drivers to take it slow when road crews are out laying down brine on the roads.

“If they see those brine trucks out there, [make sure] that they let them, you know, just do their jobs and really get that brine on the roads so we don't have future issues,” said Sawyers.

KTXS Chief Meteorologist Mark Rowlett said that there is a possibility that some areas across the Big Country could see some wintry precipitation.

"We are looking at a risk of wintry weather coming into our area. There is a brief window Friday morning for mainly our northwestern areas, say around Synder, Aspermont and especially up toward Lubbock. Then it's pretty much a rainy day Friday and as we get into Friday night, we look at a risk of maybe freezing rain or snow, especially north, I would say Colorado City to Haskell, for Saturday morning," said Rowlett.

Many families try to keep their homes warm throughout the winter by using space heaters.

"Space heaters are the number one cause of fires that we get here in Abilene during the winter," said Elise Roberts, Public Information Officer for the Abilene Fire Department.

Roberts said that there are three rules that people can follow to help prevent a space heater from starting a fire in their home.

1. Keep the space heater 3 feet from anything that could catch on fire.

2. The heater must be placed on the ground.

3. Turn off the heater when leaving the house and also when going to sleep.

Even though the official start to winter is still more than two weeks away, there could still be some wintry precipitation this coming weekend.

It is always important for people to stay prepared in order to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

KTXS Chief Meteorologist Mark Rowlett has some tips that people could use at home to prepare for the possibility of this weekend’s winter weather event.

"We need to keep up on the road conditions, so the TxDOT webpage,, will give you road conditions and updates there, and of course, download or have the KTXS app," said Rowlett.

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