TSTC Sweetwater students devastated by fire get special visit


After students lost all of their belongings in a dorm fire on Sweetwater's TSTC Campus, the TSTC chancellor met with students to see how he could help.

Last Wednesday, the blaze left 28 students without a home. Eighteen students were put up in nearby hotels and the others were moved to available dorm rooms.

Monday, TSTC Chancellor Mike Reeser and state Rep. Stan Lambert (Texas District 71) met with those students.

"I think the priority is that they have everything they need just on a day-to-day basis and it's my understanding that TSTC and the faculty, Sweetwater residents, businesses, the chamber, churches have all come together to make sure they have things they need," said Lambert.

The school replaced textbooks, school supplies, and presented the students with gift cards that were donated by other organizations.

Susanna Murcia was already rebuilding from a different tragedy a few months ago.

"Before this happened, my house, a tree fell over on it and so we brought all of our stuff from there to the dorm and now it's all gone so I'm like I don't even know, this year is just bad but this helps a lot," said Murcia.

But not all things replaced today were school supplies.

Isaiah Ornelaz has a passion for guitar but lost his guitar in the fire. Faculty managed to replace it and present it to him.

"It's pretty crazy, I mean, I was really bummed," said Ornelaz.

Volunteers at today's presentation also met with the students one on one to make sure they were getting everything they needed to continue their education seamlessly.

Reeser said they're finishing up renovations on some other dorms. In the next week, they hope to have all students out of hotels and back in those other dorms.

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