Taylor County Sheriff's Office sergeant plans to give Abilene man the gift of life

A sergeant with the Taylor County Sheriff's Office will be giving an Abilene man the gift of life by donating his kidney to him.

Clayton Bolt's life changed forever in a matter of moments about a year and a half ago.

One morning, Bolt woke up not feeling well and decided to go see a doctor.

After doctors ran some tests on him, Bolt was told that his kidneys were beginning to fail.

“[It] came down to the final decision, I needed a transplant,” said Bolt.

When nobody in his family was a viable match for a kidney transplant, Bolt was faced with having to answer the hardest question of his life: “Do you know anyone who would be willing to donate a kidney?”

“First thought in my head was, 'Who? Who am I going to ask?’ It’s not just a list you keep in your back pocket. I could make a list [of people] that don't want to, or wouldn't or aren't able [to donate their kidneys]," Bolt said.

Family friend Sgt. Jay Jones of the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office decided to step up and see if he could potentially donate his kidney in order to save Bolt's life.

“As soon as he got the news that he was a match and everything was looking good, we just kept getting better and better news,” Bolt said. “Bigger and bigger smiles.”

Jones never doubted making the choice to give his good family friend a second chance at life.

“I'm getting emotional about it right now,” said Jones. “You know, everybody's got a role to play, and this is mine.”

Jones said that his faith helped lead him to making the decision to donate his kidney to Bolt.

“We each have our own way of dealing with stuff and mine has always been, 'The Good Lord put us here for a purpose,'" Jones said. “There are lots of times in my life that I've could have been killed on the job, and I think this is why I was not [killed in the line of duty], because of Clayton.”

Both men will now have a special bond in both body and spirit that will last for a lifetime.

“Clayton will be my brother from this point on,” Jones said.

The kidney transplant procedure is scheduled to take place next Wednesday.

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