Texas Our Little Miss preliminary pageant for Abilene held Sunday afternoon

The Texas Our Little Miss Preliminary Pageant for Abilene was held Sunday afternoon at the Comfort Inn and Suites Regional Medical Center on Directors Parkway, with the top four winners advancing to the state competition.

Girls from newborns through age nine competed for the chance to represent Abilene at the 2018 Texas Our Little Miss state finals.

The Our Little Miss Scholarship Organization gives young girls the chance to gain confidence for themselves while also learning about proper manners.

"We are a natural pageant system, so as they are coming up, they are going to be looking for happiness to be on stage, their poise, personality is big, we really want to see kids that are outgoing and really want to be here and not being coached by adults in the audience, we don't allow coaching at all," said Mallory Hooker, the Abilene Area Director for Texas Our Little Miss.

The 2018 Texas Our Little Miss State Finals will be held April 27 - 29 in Taylor, Texas.

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