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The 10th annual Baptist Retirement Community Fishing Extravaganza

The 10th annual Baptist Retirement Community Fishing Extravaganza.{p}{/p}
The 10th annual Baptist Retirement Community Fishing Extravaganza.

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The 10th annual Baptist Retirement Community in San Angelo had a fishing extravaganza Friday for residents there. This annual event started 25 years ago when Darrell Lemons, Management Director of Baptist Retirement Community, and his late wife were catching fish by the Colorado River.

“She said, I want to have a fish fry for the residents,” said Lemons. “We caught enough fish for the residents, so that's how it all started, we brought it back and had our first fish fry.”

According to Lemons, they reached out to a few people from Parks and Rec for help in getting the fish tanks and other equipment to set it all up and brought fishing to the senior residents.

“I remember hearing one resident, she was in her 80s, made the comment, “you know, I’ve never been fishing in my life. This is the first time and first time I’ve ever called a fish.” “Think about that,” said Lemons.

Crystal Muniz, Administrator at Baptist Retirement Community, says last year they had to cancel the event due to the pandemic, but this year she was excited to bring it back for residents.

“I was so glad to be able to get out here and do our fishing event,” said Muniz. “We have these big tanks and we put the fish in. The residents get to fish, and we measure them and weigh them and see who gets the best fish. Then we cook them right here, and the residents enjoy it. They love it, and it reminds them back when they used to go fishing.”

The event was sponsored by Buckner Retirement Services. While the fishing event was cancelled last year due to the pandemic, it has previously attracted more than 300 residents and staff of the retirement community and allowed them to bring their families. This year it was staff and residents only.

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