Three people indicted for carjacking a man at gunpoint in Abilene

Cynthia Guadalupe Shadden

Three people were indicted by a Taylor County grand jury on Thursday for carjacking somebody at gunpoint in Abilene.

The three suspects, Jessie Lopez Jr., 20, Ernest Trevino Jr., 22, and Cynthia Guadalupe Shadden, 21, were indicted on aggravated robbery charges for an incident that occurred in June of 2018.

The police report states that the victim of the carjacking met with an “associate,” who was accompanied by two other people.

The victim told authorities that he believed that he was giving the other suspects a ride home.

The victim and the three suspects got inside of the car near the intersection of South 4th Street and Butternut Street, where Lopez pointed a gun at the victim and demanded him to surrender his property.

The victim was reportedly told to get back into the car and then Trevino began driving.

The victim stated that he was repeatedly threatened and then released near the intersection of South 14th Street and Treadaway Boulevard, where he walked into a nearby store and called 911.

Authorities discovered the stolen vehicle near the 1100 block of Locust Street with all three of the suspects still inside of it, along with “additional evidence.”

Lopez's bonds total $37,500, Trevino's bond is set at $35,000 and Shadden's bond is set at $25,000.

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