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Tips to keep your home bug-free this summer

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Nobody wants to share their home with unwanted guests, but when the summer heat comes along, the risk of unwanted intruders grows as bugs and insects start to look for shade from the hot West Texas sun.

Mike Galindo is the owner and operator of Sure Shot Pest Control and explains why the pests look for a new home when the temperatures rise, “Any insect or animal, they need food, shelter or water and so our homes provide all of that. So when the things outside of the home like foliage, trees or whatever it may be goes away or the temperatures rise they start to look for shelter, food and water. So, that’s why they choose the home because that’s the next best thing.”

While those bugs and insects look to sneak into your home this summer, Galindo tells people where to look out for bugs and what they can do to keep them out as well, “Utility entry points, main doorways. Check your door seals, other utility entry points like pipe entry pipes, where your gas and water lines go in, even your condensation lines. Those are areas to really take a look at. Also, decrease the amount of foliage that’s around your home along with items like lumber and stuff. You can lay a piece of lumber next to your foundation and believe or not, bugs will find a way to get underneath that.”

Galindo went on to tell us that everyone can find the tools you need to seal your homes and other entry points at any hardware store. If you already have some critters crawling around your home, he explained that keeping them out only takes a few simple steps, “Typically you find the entry point and seal it up and then of course it’s time for the bugs inside. That’s where pest management professionals like us come in handy or of course if you do anything yourself always read that label. That’s critical in our world.”

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