Wife, daughter of 'Voice of Mitchell County' speak about his legacy

Mayor of Colorado City Jim Baum passed away on Sunday after losing a short battle with cancer.

In the past, Baum beat prostate cancer and kidney cancer, and just 11 days ago, he was diagnosed with leukemia.

“This time, it was a little stronger than he was," said Linda Baum, Jim's wife.

Now, Jim's wife and daughter are sharing the legacy that he is leaving behind.

Jim was known as the “Voice of Mitchell County" and his family said that he lived every day to the fullest and achieved so much in his 82 years of life.

Jim's wife and his daughter, Laura White, shared his love for the radio station that he owned in Colorado City, KVMC 1320 AM.

"In 1980, dad purchased this radio station, and that’s when he began living a dream," White said.

"I used to say, ‘Oh, Jim's with his first wife, he's at the radio station,' you know, but this is what he loved," Linda said.

Jim was a father of four, played minor league baseball and ran for U.S. Congress.

White said that what she will cherish forever about her father will be playing and watching sports with him.

"He was so caring, kind and giving,” White said. “His outlook on life, ‘Did I make the most of this day? Did I use it for good? I hope I didn’t waste it.' Just the appreciation for the small details."

Linda said that she will miss her husband dearly, but is proud of what he has been able to achieve throughout the years.

"I'll do my best to make him proud of me and go on and be as strong as he is. That's what he would have wanted," Linda said.

“His memory will live on, I’m sure. I didn’t pick my dad, but I’m glad he’s mine. I think he’s loved by many," White said.

Jim's funeral will be held on Saturday at the First United Methodist Church in Colorado City.

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