6-year-old Springfield boy on life support after catching on fire

6-year-old-boy on life support after being set on fire. (Credit: Rachel Wilson)

WARNING: The photos you see may be disturbing.

A little boy in Springfield is fighting for his life after being severely burned.

Krysctian Groom's, 6, entire body was engulfed in flames on Saturday. Police said Groom and another child were playing with a lighter, before the fire started.

"It was terrifying. It's something you see on movies, not something that really happens," Groom's mother, Rachel Wilson said.

Groom remains hospitalized, in a medically-induced coma. Wilson said her son and another relative got hold of a lighter.

"60 percent of his body is covered in 2nd and 3rd degree burns," Wilson said.

Police said the two children were playing with a lighter and somehow groom's shirt caught fire, spreading to other parts of his body.

"Came running into the other room, engulfed in flames," Wilson said.

The little boy's grandmother saw the flames and immediately took action. "My first instinct was just to grab him and bear hug him and hit the floor and roll and put the flames out. But then, I started catching fire," Grooms' grandmother, Dina Perkinton said.

While trying to save her grandson, Dina received burns on both her hands and arms.

"I'm okay; I can imagine what kind of pain I'm in, Krysctian's going through right now. I am so glad he's in an induced coma because the pain is intense," Perkinton said.

The child's mother said she has no idea where the lighter came from. "There was a few adults there, so there's no telling," Wilson said.

Wilson believes it was an accident.

"Just children being curious and we're just dealing with it as a family," Wilson explained.

The family said Krysctian's current condition is touch and go, and they're just hoping for a miracle.

"I want to hear the words out of the doctors saying he's doing great," Perkinton said.

Family member said the other child involved is 10 years of age, with no injuries. The child is receiving help for being involved in such a tragic event.

Police and fire officials said the fire is still under investigation.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page. It can be found here.

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