9-year-old girl confronts kidnapper: 'You took me from my home!'

Suspected kidnapper Dakota Johnson (WESH NBC Newschannel).jpg

(WESH) A Phoenix, Arizona mother is calling her daughter a warrior after she managed to escape her abductor who took her from her bedroom while she was sleeping early Friday morning.

The victim's mom, who asked to remain anonymous, says her daughter didn't realize she had been abducted until she woke up in the suspect's arms as he carried her about a mile to a dumpster area.

"He said that he was going to take her home and she said, 'You liar! You took me from my home,'" the mother said. "It spooked him or something because he left her alone and he let her run off."

Police arrested 21 year-old Dakota Johnson in a nearby area early Saturday morning.

Police say they were able to identify Johnson as the alleged kidnapper after interviewing him.

Johnson was booked into jail with a $250,000 bond.

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