New trick allows crooks into homes in 30 seconds

Burglars have a new trick to get into homes quickly

Give a crook 30 seconds and he can get into your home.

In less time than it takes to brew a cup of coffee, a crook can gain access using a trick most folks would never consider.

Port St. Lucie Police are out to warn people and hopefully protect them from future burglaries. The trick is simple. A bad guy roams neighborhoods where a majority of residents park their cars in their driveways. They break into a car and reach for the garage door opener remote. With a press of a button, your garage door opens and they are into your home.

Port St. Lucie Police posted a Facebook video showing a suspect doing exactly that to gain entrance through a garage. Police say you need to make sure doors leading into your home from the garage are locked and take the garage door opener with you when you leave your car.

This could be the perfect reason to finally get around to cleaning out the garage, park your car indoors and away from the bad guys.

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