'He's been through a lot with grit and courage, and we think he's cool'

Camden McGee, standing 44.5 inches tall, was out 'patrolling,' as his step dad reports he does most Saturdays or Sundays. He rides the bus to his patrol beat and his passion is to catch bad guys or gals and to help people. He's got public service in his heart as well as some pretty snazzy stripes on his sleeve.

EUGENE, Ore. - Eugene Police shared the story of Officer Camden McGee, a 10-year-old boy with a rare disorder who dresses up as a police officer and walks a beat in Eugene.

"Camden's parents tell us that he got the bug to be a police officer about four or five years ago, when police officers came to their home looking for a prior tenant," Eugene Police said in a post on Facebook. "They said Camden immediately began interacting with the officers. The officers left and came back with their lights on and Camden got a tour of the vehicle and control of the loudspeaker."

The boy had anouther encounter with police over the weekend, and Eugene Police shared his story.

Police said Camden "is one of only two boys in the state of Oregon who battle a rare disorder called Lowe Syndrome. When he's having a good week, he doesn't leave home without his uniform. He's been through a lot with grit and courage, and we think he's cool."

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