'Baby Grace' now safe after being found inside of a baby box with umbilical cord attached

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    A newborn baby is safe after someone left it inside a baby box Sunday night.

    This is the second time a baby has been left inside the box at the Coolspring Township Fire Department.

    Firefighters found the first baby, that they appropriately named Hope, in November.

    The baby who was placed in the box Sunday night, still had the umbilical cord attached.

    Coolspring Fire officials say it's unclear what would've happen to the baby if that box wasn't there.

    The Coolspring Township Fire Department is made up of volunteers.

    Firefighters aren't always there, but Sunday night around 7, someone else was and they left a newborn baby.

    "The whole first responder, father thing kicks in. You want to make sure that the baby is OK,” said Lieutenant Chuck Kohler who has worked for the Coolspring Township Fire Department for 7 years.

    It was OK. It was placed in the baby box, one of two in the country.

    The moment that you open the box up and place the baby on the heated mattress, a silent alarm goes off that alerts first responders.

    It took Kohler, who lives nearby, less than a minute to get to the box.

    He says there are no words to describe what he felt when he heard a baby crying inside.

    "When I pulled the baby out of the box, my first thought was ‘baby Grace'... Saving Grace.’ It just popped into my head,” said Kohler.

    As a dad of five, Kohler says he wants to thank baby Grace's parents for placing the infant somewhere safe.

    "We don't know the situation, but to make this choice to be strong enough to make this choice is wonderful,” said Kohler.

    Indiana's Safe Haven Law allows babies under 30-days-old to be dropped off to any police department, fire station or hospital without any criminal charges.

    "There are some moms that will go to the hospital. There are some moms that will walk into this fire station and hand that child over," said Monica Kelsey, who is the founder and president of Safe Haven Baby Boxes. "But we also know that there are some moms that don't want their faces seen and this box is the reason why it's working."

    It's a last resort, but one that gives babies like Hope, and now Grace, a fighting change.

    “We don't judge people. We don't care what the circumstances. I just want to save another life,” said Asst. Fire Chief Warren Smith.

    After baby Grace can leave the hospital, DCS will place the infant in the foster care system.

    Kelsey says a baby box will be placed in Ohio later this month. After that, she's hoping to bring more throughout the country.

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