Man accused of punching service dog, pregnant deaf woman on flight

(WKMG via CNN Newsource)

They were headed to Orlando for a joyful family event and vacation. But before a couple, their two children and the family's service dog got there, there was a confrontation on the plane.

The family, headed here to Florida from their home in Colorado, when their Frontier flight ended in a scary confrontation.

Hazel Ramierez and her husband are both deaf, and their service dog Zariel was on the flight with them.

"My dog was asleep on the plane no problem, until we landed", Ramirez told said via Facebook Messenger.

She said as the plane landed, the Great Dane woke up, and a woman at the end of their three hour flight complained she now had allergies. And her husband, now a possible suspect, complained the Great Dane was taking too much space. That's when she says things escalated.

"Then all of a sudden the man punched my dog's face: my dog shook her head and ran to the other row seat and laid under there because she was hurt and scared for her life," Ramirez said.

And when Ramierez' husband confronted the man, she told police he tried to run away - punching a deaf Ramirez in the stomach and pushing her two daughters to the ground.

"I hope he will be arrested," she said.

Orlando police at the airport filed an incident report, and turned the case over to the FBI.

The FBI says they're still working on whether or not federal charges will be filed.

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