President Trump supporters form human chain at border near Sunland Park

    <p>Courtesy:KINT{/p}<p>Trump supporters link hands at border to form human chain between Sunland Park and Anapra, Mexico.{/p}

    SUNLAND PARK, N.M. (KFOX-TV) Dozens of Trump supporters gathered at the southern border near Sunland Park to form their own wall where there isn't one.

    People geared with American flags and red Make America Great Again hats stood side by side between Sunland Park and Anapra, Mexico, while chanting "build a wall."

    They linked arms and lined up next to where the border fence finishes, creating a fence of their own.

    They say their goal is to advocate for more wall construction along the border.

    This comes two days ahead of President Donald Trump's rally in El Paso, which not far from this gathering on Saturday.

    Trump is expected to highlight border security in his 2020 campaign rally at the El Paso County Coliseum on Monday.

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