Video shows teacher repeatedly hitting student

    A school system in Georgia is investigating, after a teacher got into a fight with a student. (WSB via CNN Newssource)

    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. (WSB) - An Atlanta-area school district says it is investigating after a teacher got into a fight with a high school student.

    The altercation was captured on cell phone video.

    Cell phone video that shows a high school football coach punching a student in class is hard for legal guardian Yaquanda Lucas to watch.

    We've blurred the coach's face because he hasn't been charged with a crime.

    "That didn't look like restraining him to me, it looked like you beat my child,” Lucas said.

    She says she's the godmother and legal guardian for the 14-year-old student who we are not identifying.

    She showed us medical documents that say the punches led to a concussion.

    "My child hasn't been sleeping well, he hasn't been eating well, he complains about headaches,” said Lucas.

    Before the punches during English class at Charles R. Drew high school friday - the video shows the student throwing a desk.

    But Lucas says the football coach supervising the class made a joke about the student's stocking cap that also involved his recently deceased mother.

    "He had his hat on and his stocking and he said the teacher said quit cutting up your momma's stockings and wearing them on your head,” Lucas said. “He said he was picking on him, trying to make the class laugh, and that made him upset."

    Clayton County Schools spokesperson said quote "since this matter remains under investigation - the district cannot comment further."

    Lucas also says her child suffers from mental health issues and district officials are aware of it.

    "I don't excuse him throwing the chair,” she said. “There's a way to handle these kind of kids, and that's not the way that you do it."

    The Clayton County School District would not say if the student or the teacher will face any disciplinary action.

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