$10,000 emerald missing from Asheville Museum of Science

A file photo of a missing $10,000 emerald at the Asheville Museum of Science. (Photo credit: Asheville Museum of Science)

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WLOS) - A $10,000 emerald is missing from the Asheville Museum of Science. Museum officials filed a police report in late January.

Authorities said there are no suspects and the emerald hasn't been returned.

"Recently, an emerald specimen from the AMOS collection was stolen and a police report was subsequently filed with the Asheville Police Department. There was no break-in, and to the best of our knowledge, nothing else was taken," AMOS officials said. "The AMOS gem and mineral collection has immeasurable historical significance, and the theft of the emerald is a sad loss."

Museum officials said they are working on measures to increase security in order to ensure the museum's collection remains intact.

Anyone with information about the missing gemstone is asked to call Asheville police.

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