Man linked to string of car burglaries in Clyde arrested in San Angelo

Cody Tate

A man wanted for a string of car burglaries in Clyde was arrested in San Angelo.

Cody Tate, 24, of Sweetwater, faces several charges including burglary of a vehicle, theft of a property, theft of a firearm and fraudulent use/possession of identifying info.

His bond's total more than $71,000.

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San Angelo police arrested Tate early Saturday morning. He was booked into the Tom Green County Jail at 5:20 a.m.

The cars were all broken into Tuesday night. The arrest warrant was issued Friday.

Clyde police officer Chad Boyett said all of the cars were unlocked.

"When you get home ... take all your property out, lock your vehicle up and take it in the house with you," Boyett said. Every single vehicle [that was burglarized] was left unlocked, so it's a crime of opportunity, and unfortunately, we had a lot of people fall victim to that."

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