San Angelo boy, 4, leaves hospital a month after crash killed parents, baby sister

Wyatt Clemens, 4, poses with the staff at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth.

A 4-year-old San Angelo boy left the hospital on Thursday, nearly five weeks after the crash that killed his parents and baby sister.

Wyatt Clemens shouted “See ya later, alligator!” as he walked through the hospital hugging nurses and staff at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth.

Before he left, Wyatt hugged his sister Angela, 8, who is still in a wheelchair and he told her how much he would miss her before proceeding to hug his brother Zachary, 5.

Wyatt will be reunited with his little brother Nicholas, 2, at their grandparents' home and the aunt of the children, Teresa Burrell, said that Wyatt is so happy that he is going to live with his playmate again.

“As a family, we feel so blessed at the progress and healing that has occurred with this rambunctious boy,” said Burrell. “His recovery has astounded the medical professionals.”

The challenge will be keeping Wyatt from being a typical rough and tumble little boy.

Burrell said that Wyatt is not allowed to play on a playground for a year while he continues to heal from the April 7 crash that killed his parents, Jim and Karisa Clemens, and his two-month-old sister Juliana.

Wyatt, Zachary and Angela were all critically injured and have been undergoing treatment at Cook Children's Medical Center since the accident.

A couple of weeks ago, Zachary and Angela got to see each other for the first time since the crash happened.

Funds to help cover the children’s medical costs have raised more than $366,000.

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