San Angelo-native hoping American Idol is her big break

San Angelo-native Kyra Hunter Constancio is hoping “American Idol” is the big break she’s been looking for.

A singer/songwriter from San Angelo is hoping ‘American Idol’ is the big break she’s been looking for.

Kyra Hunter Constancio, 23, auditioned for the show in Nashville. She moved there after graduating from Wall High School in 2012 to study music at Belmont University.

“I heard they were bringing (American Idol) back and just felt like this is it!” said told KTXS.

“American Idol” returned Sunday night on ABC after a two-year hiatus. The show aired 15 seasons -- from 2002-15 -- on FOX.

Constancio grew up watching the show and is hoping to follow in the foot-steps of Burleson, Texas-native Kelly Clarkson who won the first season of the show.

“I can vividly remember sitting in my living room with my family and just being so starry eyed as I watched Kelly win and sing "A Moment Like This" and just thinking "Wow! That's amazing! That's my dream!" Constancio said.

As you might imagine, Constancio was pretty nervous when she finally got in front of the judges, Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan and Katy Perry.

“I mean, come on! Those are legends!,” she said. “But as I started to sing and perform I felt the nerves roll away and just took in the rush of performing in front of these amazing people. I actually grew up listening to Lionel Richie because my dad loves him and would always play him during our car rides to school.”

Her dad, Gus, is the reason Constancio said she started singing.

“I remember being like four or five and going to watch my dad perform with his band around town and just looking up at him on stage and thinking "Wow! I wanna do that!" He would even bring me up to sing with him a few times, and I was just so in love with the thrill of performing.”

Constancio is trying to make the most of a chance she never thought she would get.

“I was so excited when ABC decided to relaunch (American Idol) because I always had this little sadness,” when it was canceled,” she said. “It honestly felt like a God-send because I wasn't sure if I'd ever get the chance.”

The two night premiere of American Idol continues Monday at 7 p.m. on KTXS.

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