Watch KTXS, TV shows and movies on our new app called STIRR

Have you ever wanted to watch KTXS no matter where you are?

Now you can on our new app - STIRR.

It works on your phone, tablet or TV.

You can watch KTXS live. There’s also a line-up of over 20 other free TV channels and Videos On Demand.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Go to your App store – iPhone, Google Play, Apple TV, Roku Channels, Fire TV
  2. Find STIRR
  3. Download the STIRR App
  4. When you first open the App select your city. Pick “Abilene”

You’re all set.

Now you can watch live local news on the STIRR Abilene channel or any of the other channels on STIRR.

Best part, it’s all free and doesn’t require a log-in or subscription.

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