A timeline of events in the case of Thomas Brown

Since then, the story of his disappearance has captured the attention of people in and around the Texas Panhandle (ABC 7 Amarillo - file).

Thomas Brown was last seen hours before Thanksgiving Day 2016. Since then, the story of his disappearance has captured the attention of people in and around the Texas Panhandle.

Hours after Thomas disappeared, a friend of his used a remote helicopter to look for his car. Later that day, the car was found in a remote area of Canadian.

Two months after his disappearance, a search party found Tom's backpack nearly four miles from where his car was found.

In July 2017, Tom's mother, Penny Meek, told the community she had lost all confidence in the Hemphill County Sheriff's Office. She expressed that she wanted the case to be turned over to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

In October 2017, another search party joined together. They found an iPhone 5, a small caliber pistol pouch and clothing.

In November 2017, just days before the one year anniversary of Thomas Brown's disappearance, his mother let ABC 7 into his room, which had not changed since the last time she saw him.

In February 2018, the Texas Attorney General agreed to review the case, something Meek said she was thankful for.

As the family continued to search for Brown, a scholarship was announced in his honor in May 2018.

The public really started to notice the case in June 2018, when the Thomas Brown: Seeds of Doubt podcast was published.

A month later in July, investigators with Klein went to Canadian to interview anyone with information. There was also an email announced for tips and the lead investigator issued a statement about the case's progress.

In November, ABC 7 met up with Thomas Brown's mother to talk about the two year anniversary of his disappearance as his family hosted a Turkey Trot to honor him.

The Brown and Meek families have asked for privacy while they deal with the news of Thomas' death.

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