Abilene's mayor goes into detail about the street maintenance fee

Abilene's mayor says he's committed to listening to voters and carrying out their will when it comes to a street maintenance fee. Mayor Anthony Williams spoke with KTXS on Friday to explain the street maintenance fee that council decided to put on the May ballot.

Council will determine how to move forward after the results from the May 5 election are in. If voters disapprove of the street maintenance fee, Mayor Williams says they'd have to look at other ways to fund road repairs around Abilene.

"If the voters are not supportive of a street maintenance fee, then I'm not going to support a street maintenance fee," Williams said.

If voters are supportive of the street maintenance fee, Mayor Williams said council would take immediate action to fix Abilene's streets.

"We didn't get here overnight and there is a need for immediate addressing of those streets," Williams said.

Under the street maintenance fee proposal, a single-family home would pay $6.75 per month and businesses would pay between $25 to $75 per month. Mayor Williams said they do not plan on changing that amount.

Before the people of Abilene vote on a fee to fix the city's roads, many want to know why Abilene's streets haven't been taken care of in the past.

"Both the city administration, as well as elected officials, have not taken care of business in regards to streets," Williams said. "I was a member of the most recent councils who did not exhibit enough courage to address streets."

Mayor Williams also wants to create a street maintenance committee so citizens can voice their opinions. He explained that if the council decided to implement a street maintenance fee, it would need to be approved every year. No matter the outcome, Williams said it's time to stop kicking the can down the road.

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