APD addresses illegal gambling in Abilene

Several business owners in Abilene that are planning to open gambling operations or might have already done so may get shut down. However, the Abilene Police Department and the Taylor County District Attorney have another idea.

"Today, agents will be delivering letters from the department of several locations where they believe illegal gambling is or will be taking place," said Abilene Police Chief Stan Standridge.

These letters are similar to the ones that were given to casinos in previous years. In a news conference on Thursday, Standridge says if these businesses open, they will conflict with gambling statutes.

"We are requesting that businesses either cease or not open because we believe what is being reported as their business model will conflict with gambling statutes," Standridge said.

According to state law, Texas defines gambling as "an agreement to win or lose something of value solely or partially by chance", which is prohibited.

In regard to one of the gambling site's business plans, Standridge told KTXS News the Taylor County District Attorney, Jim Hicks, believes it is illegal.

"His interpretation is that these businesses, if they do open under their current business model as it is articulated, will be in violation of the law," Standridge said.

The Abilene Police Department stated that they will file any applicable charges to any gambling businesses that opt to open.

KTXS News reached out to one of the gambling clubs that is opening up in Abilene to speak about the situation, but they declined to comment.

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