Investigation into Fort Bliss soldier labeled hero uncovers lies

Fort Bliss Sgt. Trey Troney

KFOX14 has learned that a Fort Bliss soldier is accused of deceiving the public about a heroic effort.

Sgt. Trey Troney said it was his actions that saved a victim involved in a wreck in Sweetwater, Texas on Dec. 22, 2018.

Troney, who has been interviewed by several media outlets, including CBS4 On Your Side, said he rendered aid to Jeff Udger, who he said was seriously injured.

An investigation conducted by Texas Department of Public Safety revealed that Troney did not save the man's life, according to Texas DPS spokesman Lt. Kenneth “Bryan” Witt.

The wreck happened along Interstate 20 on Dec. 22, 2018 in Nolan County, confirmed Witt. But the victim involved in the crash is not Jeff Udger.

Investigators with the Texas DPS looked at body camera footage and didn't see Troy performing life-saving techniques like he said he did with a ball point pen and hoodie sweatshirt, said Witt.

Witt said DPS Troopers on the scene did encounter Troney at the scene "who had stopped to assist."

Witt said the victim's name is not being released, but didn't explain why.

Fort Bliss officials said they retracted the story they published on Jan. 9 about Troney.

The story titled "Iron Soldier saves man's life with hoodie, ink pen" stated that Troney rendered aid to a man, Jeff Udger.

A statement sent out Thursday from Fort Bliss states it was retracted because of "factual inaccuracies."

Army officials said they would like to apologize to the Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Highway Patrol, the city of Sweetwater, Texas, the city of El Paso, the University of Texas at El Paso, the New Orleans Saints, the local and national media and the American people.

On Wednesday, our sister-station CBS4 spoke with Troney at Fort Bliss in an exclusive sit-down interview about about his rescue efforts before findings from Texas DPS and Fort Bliss' investigations were released.

Soon after the interview, CBS4 was told that Fort Bliss was launching an investigation into Troney's story.

The 20-year-old has received praise and gifts from around the world, including the Pentagon, NFL and the New Orleans Saints.

Troney told CBS4 “You truly, really know how you help somebody -- affect someone’s life,” during the interview.

He described how the experience changed his life.

“Nobody knew who I was in November." Troney said. "Now, everybody is texting me. Everybody knows who I am.”

What do you want people to know about you? asked CBS4 anchor Shelton Dodson. “Be humble,” replied Troney.

Thursday afternoon, KFOX14 requested a second interview with Troney and his commanding officer.

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