"Baby King's" mom responds to reporter's questions

    King Jay Davila (SBG Photo)

    SAN ANTONIO - San Antonio police arrested three people Thursday accused of tempering with evidence in the case of missing 8-month-old King Jay Davila.

    Before a press conference held by SAPD, we spoke with "Baby King's" mom Jasmine Gonzales on the phone.

    Below is the transcript from the conversation.

    "Hi, is this Jasmine?", we asked.

    "Yes it is," said Jasmine.

    "Hi Jasmine... Are you doing alright?", we asked.

    "No," Jasmine responded. "I’m not doing alright."

    "Any chance you’d be willing to speak with us today?", we asked.

    "I’m not. Not really. Not today," said Gonzales. "I’m frustrated. I’m angry. I’m upset. I just want my son back home. I can’t do this no more."

    "When was the last time you saw him?", we asked.

    "It was Christmas," said Gonzales. "No, not Christmas, I’m sorry. I mean New Year’s Eve night when he was asleep in his crib."

    "Then what after that?", we asked.

    "I haven’t seen him," Gonzales responded.

    "What have the past few days been like for you?", we asked.

    "Just terrible.," Gonzales responded. "Terrible. My son is missing. Somebody knows something. My son is not home yet. Nobody is opening up. Everybody is bashing me on freaking on the internet, thinking they know anything. It’s terrible cause I’m a mother of my son. My son’s missing. I’m yeah. Just because I haven’t shed tears, little does anybody know that I have been shedding tears. I’ve been keeping myself away from the internet and everything, because everybody is threatening me. Threatening me, thinking I have something to do with my son’s disappearance, and I don’t. What they can do, besides talking a whole bunch of mess, is help me find my son."

    "Do you have any idea where King could be?", we asked.

    "No sir," she responded. "I don’t. If I had any idea the detectives would know."

    "Have you heard from Christopher at all about it?", we asked.

    "No sir," said Gonzales. "I haven’t. I haven’t spoken to Christopher. I’m not with him."

    "Did you think that he had the kid that night?", we asked.

    "Well, I was on the phone with him that night," said Gonzales. "That night that my son went missing, I was on the phone with him. Everything I had already told y’all, I already told y’all."

    "Okay. Is there anything else you want?", we started to ask.


    "She just hung-up."

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