Dog attacks leave neighbors in Sunray on edge

The Sunray Police Department was called out to both incidents, which happened within an hour of each other.(ABC 7 Amarillo - Morgan Burrell)

Some parents in Sunray are thinking twice before letting their kids outside to play after two incidents on Tuesday, Feb. 5, which involved two dogs attacking children in area neighborhoods.

The Sunray Police Department was called out to both incidents, which happened within an hour of each other.

Sunray Police Chief Colt Farni said the dogs were captured within the same hour, but the two kids who were attacked sustained injuries that required medical treatment.

Kagan Randolph, who lives within one block of the second dog attack, said he heard about the incident from a family member.

"It was about five o'clock, and we get a call from my sister-in-law, saying not to let Koburn out and about," said Randolph.

After he heard about the attack, Randolph said he was not just worried about his son, Koburn. He said he was also worried about other kids in the neighborhood.

"At that time, at five, we had probably four or five kids at the house, since my wife babysits," said Randolph.

Randolph said this type of attack does not usually happen in Sunray.

"There's dogs that always get out, of course, but not for this vicious of an attack," said Randolph.

Chief Farni said both dogs involved in Tuesday night's attacks were captured, transferred to Spearman, and will be euthanized and tested for rabies.

The children who were attacked went to area hospitals for medical attention, but were released within 24 hours.

Randolph said this has been a lesson for his family and it changes how he feels about letting the kids out to play in the front yard.

"We have a confined space in the back and you can watch the kids better and make sure you have any outside sources, like dogs coming up from getting after somebody," said Randolph.

Chief Farni also asked the public to report vicious dogs they see roaming the neighborhood to animal control.

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