Franklin athlete released from hospital after injured in crash

    James McClain_Green

    Franklin athlete, James McClain, was released from the hospital on Friday after he was involved in a crash in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, in November.

    McClain was in the hospital for more than 50 days since the crash receiving multiple surgeries.

    Sunland Park police is handling the investigation where a group of teens in a Jeep Wrangler crashed into another vehicle in November at the intersection of Edinburgh and Lees near McNutt Road.

    Both drivers of the vehicles were believed to have been intoxicated, according to Sunland Park police.

    The teens riding in the Jeep were identified as students of Franklin High School; James McClain-Green, Michael Nikicicv, Pablo Payan and two other juveniles.

    The other driver was identified as 28-year-old James Furman, said Sunland Park police.

    During the preliminary investigation, Sunland Park police said they were looking into the adult who hosted the party the teens had attended.

    The city of El Paso also has a host social ordinance.

    An adult believed to have hosted a party, identified as 35-year-old Angel Fernando Hernandez, was arrested in early December.

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